Eva Solo tea maker

The curvacious Eva Solo tea maker might very well be the only “complete tea making system” that comes with its own little Neoprene jumpsuit — or a zippered knit-fabric tea-shirt, your choice.

And you can use this gadget to make your tea in two different ways. Steep the tea leaves in a cylinder-shaped tea ball that seems to have cross-bred with a French press, or do a sort of free-flowing strainer routine.

Gee, the things you find when you’re just looking for a new tea cozy

[via Urban Zeitgeist]

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  1. Kaydee

    Wow! The traditional teapot has moved into a totally new realm. I can’t decide if I personally like it, since I am such a traditionalist, however I do think my sister would. She likes very modern things and is always looking for something with a new look. I do like that you can brew loose tea easily in this teapot. I prefer to order my tea from www .tealaden.com.

  2. domestika

    oh how I wish I’d said that, Ken!
    You are too funny…

    And too kind, too. I noticed that luvly link you’ve given me on Ken Hoyt Style and I thank you on bended knee for a totally day-making compliment!

  3. Ken Hoyt

    Hmmm,,, I think that Tea cozy is one set of stiletto heels away from getting a reputation!

  4. domestika

    Hmm, “practical” in what way, Maria?

  5. Maria

    beautiful pot but i wonder if its practical

  6. domestika

    But we’re not sure whose teapot it is… Captain Nemo, maybe? It looks like a scuba suit for a fat little creature without any limbs. I bet the neoprene would keep the tea just boiling hot, though.

  7. Neena

    It’s not your mother’s teapot…..

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