One other thing I should have added to the long list of Thanksgiving weekend fun — arts and crafts with autumn leaves!

rose bud made from autumn maple leaves Kelly (aged 11, my next-door neighbour’s granddaughter, visiting from out of town) came over on Thanksgiving Sunday afternoon — as she often does, when spending the weekend at her Grammie’s house.

(And by the way, that’s a pleasure for which I am indeed very thankful.)

We walked with dogs down to the bottom of the hill, collecting great armloads of colourful maple leaves on the way, then came home and folded them into a bouquet of faux roses.

Kelly’s bouquet of autumn leaf roses Kelly took this bouquet home to her grandmother.

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We went out the next day to get some even better leaves — bright red maple leaves, from down by the brook where this summer’s drought hadn’t robbed the trees of the stronger hues — so she could make more flowers to take to her art teacher when school went back in.

I also printed out the pictures from the maple leaf roses tutorial I’d found, and put the pages into an old binder that was lying around. Kelly is going to decorate the cover of the binder and put her name on it. We’ll use this binder to compile a How-To Book of all the activities we do together on her visits, and I like to think that she’ll share it with friends… and maybe, some day in the far future, with children of her own.

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  1. Karen

    These roses are the more gorgeous things I’ve ever seen! And I mean that! Fall is my favorite season of the year and this just makes me more excited for the leaves to turn. Thank you for the great idea.

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