Lovers of art and fans of technology will equally appreciate this stunning video, tracing the evolution of our ideals of feminine beauty through famous portraits of women, spanning the centuries.

I’m sure there’s a deep message to be gained here — something about beauty and art and character showing through the eyes and body language giving clues to the authority of women in a certain place and time.

But frankly, I’m just not that much of a feminist intellectual, nor an art historian. I just think these woman are beautiful… individuals, or one ever-changing Platonic Ideal of womankind.


[via The Silent Maiden]

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  1. domestika

    Peter Lorre look-alike, you say? Hmm, a portrait of my childhood piano teacher, perhaps. But you’ve got to love the way the images dissolve and meld, with the focus held on those wonderful eyes. I so wish I could make something like this…

  2. Pinhole

    Excellent video! And a wondrous array of beauty…except for that Peter Lorre look-a-like about a third of the way through.

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