my Etsy favourites page There are oodles of places to buy and sell your own stuff online, sure… Right off the top, even my Great-Aunt Luddite could toss off the names of eBay, Craiglist, maybe even a few of the many crafty e-shops and consortiums that are now too numerous to mention, and that’s not even beginning to count the indie shops set up by individual artists and crafts people on their own websites…

I’ve mentioned before, however, that I love Etsy: my favourite source for discovering truly unusual handcrafted goodies… and the unique craftspeople who create them. Far be it from me to try to explain what sets Etsy apart from the crowd, however, when Jeremiah Owyang says it so nicely —

Etsy focuses on building community, relationships and even online events (like a virtual craft show).

— with the help of an “electronic press release” from the Etsy mothership, courtesy of YouTube:

[H/T to The Direct Approach]

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  1. HappyMom

    Etsy is addicting! You could shop for HOURS and if you are creative and crafty…forget about it. Your brain will be popping with projects! I don’t have an Etsy site up yet, but if you love monograms and want to put yours on EVERYTHING- come check out my Mom-owned and operated site Thanks!

  2. Thank you very much for ruining my life. This post about Etsy is SO incredible that I’m not going to be able to stop thinking about it until I get something up and running on it. And since I have a very big project almost designed, this is a HUGE distraction… thanks a lot!

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