A young couple gets together and sets up a new home. They combine a few of her things, a few of his, and have a glorious time picking out other essential furniture together.

The result is a stunning modern loft with lots of clear light, strong minimalist lines, and a sense of harmony.

Then they have a baby.

What’s a parent to do? Clutter up that contemporary decor with bright blue plastic Wal-Mart baby furniture, all printed with fat Disney-esque duckies? Heck, no!

Fortunately, there’s Bloom, an international brand of baby products that integrates the superior style and comfort with European functional design and precision engineering.

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Bloom’s vision is “to enable families to begin parenthood in style with products that enhance lifestyle and a sense of modern living.”

Hitting the stores in North America this June is the sleek modern coco baby lounger. It’s a soft rocking nest of a baby chair, with a five-point safety harness and all the style that a hip young parent could ask for.

Later this year, too, we’re looking forward to the release of soho bloom, a fully accessorised all-terrain stroller for newborns, with a patented lie-flat seat for naps on the go.

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