Can’t travel without your phone, iPod, Blackberry, yada yada etcetera? Or are you, perhaps, just exhausted from the very thought of the power drain that all those essential gadgets suck up? Let the sun recharge your devices! Solio has what may very well be the ultimate portable bybrid solar-powered charger — and it comes in pink! (Oh, yeah, and white, silver, black, all that sort of thing, too.)

Compact in design to fit nicely in a tight-packed suitcase — you can leave all those single-purpose chargers at home! — Solio folds out to reveal three solar panels, and looks rather artistic while it’s doing it, too.

• High capacity internal battery stores energy for up to a year
• Interchangeable Tip System eliminates messy cords
• Rechargeable from the wall or the sun
• One hour of sun shine gives you about one hour of play time
• Durable and weather resistant
• Elegant, ergonomic design
• Light weight and easy to use
• One Year Warranty

Free and clean energy — what’s not to like there?

Bonus to the green, they say that Solio has been made carbon neutral by planting trees in protected bio-diverse forests.

A big warm H/T to Popgadget for this find!

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