Pet owners, worried about the health and safety of the food you’ve been feeding your cat or dog? Here’s a quick addition to the information links given in my earlier post on the tainted pet food recall…

Check out the new Pet Food List of manufacturers who have made public statements that their products are not affected by the recent Menu Foods recall.

dog The list is intended as a starting point for your own research – it is a list we are compiling of pet foods deemed safe by the pet food companies themselves. It is neither an endorsement of any pet foods listed, nor is it a complete list of all pet foods not on the recall list. And, even though a brand is listed, we cannot guarantee the food is safe. The pet food companies are the only ones who can make that statement.

Pet owners are reminded to take nothing for granted — keep checking for updated information and any new product recalls.

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  1. As a pet owner and safety consultant it always amazes me what some of the cheaper and not so cheap pet food brands put in their recipes.

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