You think you’ve seen some truly disturbing crochet work over the years? If you haven’t checked out Patricia Waller’s works in crochet and other media, you ain’t seen what yarn + imagination is capable of.

Chilean-born Patricia Waller, who now lives and works in Berlin, leapt to my notice with a 2009 art exhibition that raised eyebrows and spun headlines well beyond the German galleries. Named “Bad Luck”, appropriately enough, the pieces in the collection show our beloved Bugs Bunny and other friends of childhood re-visioned in crochet with a nightmare twist. They become an “artistic metaphor for malice, violence, and the inevitability of disasters” and you can make of that what you will…

Personally, I find the piece of Miss Piggy in the old-fashioned meat grinder a bit too strong (luv luv luv Miss Piggy), but the floor arrangement of sharks breaking through around a flailing hand, the iconic “Who Killed Bambi?” and the beautiful big Bugs with giant fork in him?

See the EFE news video for a taste.

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How’s about that for “Yarn Art,” then?

Clever, clever, clever.
Okay, also a tad creepy. But very clever.

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