All the little pastel-coloured Easter baskets and chocolate eggs are on display in the stores, and we’re in a Spring kind of mood. What better way to celebrate than with a trio of clever happy bunnies?

Manuella Design - Rabbit Manuella’s lanky flop-eared Rabbit reminds me of The Velveteen Rabbit, a story book over which I shed many tears as an impressionable child. Angry Retail - Rabbit

Angry Retail does a tee with hip bunny attitude — simple, graphic, and not too serious. So totally post-Vernal-Equinox.

Now, when a daddy bunny and a mommy bunny love each other very much…

It’s Like Rabbits desktop wallpaper by designer Steve Leggat. We don’t need to speculate about what’s on Steve’s mind in the middle of long dull business meetings. Steve Leggat desktop wallpaper - Like Rabbits

All three of these busy little rabbits were spotted at NOTCOT… Rabbits being what they are, there are probably dozens more of the little furry darlings scattered around those pages since I last looked…

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