Let’s get one thing perfectly clear off the top — I am not obsessed with laundry.

That said, I think we can all acknowledge that clean is better than not clean. There’s nothing like the remnants of last week’s lunch on your shirt-front to ruin an otherwise promising first date or job interview.

Or so I’m told…

And I’ll bet Kelly Ripa would agree. (Even if she weren’t the perky new spokesperson for Tide’s latest offering.)

kelly ripa touting tide

The main point of Kelly’s amusing pitch is the ease of schlepping a nifty little bottle of 2X Ultra Tide from the store to the laundry, compared to the giant old-style detergent bottle.

Concentrated detergent, you see, means the same number of loads can be cleaned with the contents of a much smaller bottle — lighter to handle. And good for the environment, too, of course, what with that much less plastic packaging.

But, hello… aren’t we missing a low-cost exercise opportunity here? Buy two giant jugs of detergent, maybe, and do a few bicep curls in the checkout line? Beautiful biceps could be yours in no time!

And then maybe no one would notice a dirty shirt?

Oh, right.

It’s Kelly Ripa.

She could crawl into work in a potato sack and all the fashion mags would be talking up the “mud look” before coffee break. For the rest of us, however… the Tide people say they’ve tweaked their formula for 2X Ultra Tide, not just the bottle, to make the product better than ever at stain removal.

Squint close at the screen, what do you think?

Hmm, Kelly’s shirt does look spick-and-span bandbox clean…

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