Jenn Wright, New Zealand life coach for midlife womenSo, what is it that Baby Boomer women want the most, this holiday season? After eight years of working with midlife women, personal coach Jennifer Wright believes she knows: “One thing is certain,” she says. “They don’t want more things.”

“Time out for Introspection” is Top of the List This Year

After following their “fathers” into the workplace with the feminist movement and conforming to a male work culture, women at midlife — want to discover who they are under all the expectations and responsibilities they have taken on.

To assist in that process, here are some non-traditional gift ideas that will delight that special baby boomer woman on your list:

  1. Time away from it all. Based on your budget, this could be a weekend or full blown holiday. The key is to have opportunity for real relaxation.
  2. Vision quest opportunity designed with women over 40 in mind. It is paramount that you know your midlife woman well if you decide on this one. Most spiritual/religious organizations offer these, however it is important to know which one to choose.
  3. A gift of time. Once a week house-cleaning, or an offer to take over a task, like meal preparation for an elderly parent. This gives time back to your midlife woman.
  4. Spa treatment. In addition to searching for inner meaning, caring for one’s body is a way to honor the self and allow for contemplation.
  5. A special journal for writing one’s inner thoughts. Midlife reflection through writing is a ‘yummy for the soul’ activity for many women.

“Boomer women, the now older super-women, are still making the bacon, frying it in the pan and serving it to their children, grandchildren and aging parents. Add holiday expections to any boomer woman’s life, and you could have overwhelm,” says Wright, whose own midlife crisis lead her to leave her home in Indiana and move to New Zealand. She has created a 6-day Midlife Adventure exclusively for Baby Boomer women.

“Women really need to give themselves permission to STOP and take real time for themselves,” Wright says. “We are fooling ourselves if we think we can find meaning in a ‘just add hot water and run’ mentality.”

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