tissue boxes to organize drawersOne of the most organized crafters online (or so it would seem, reading between the lines of the Bee’s Nest) has revealed the big secret of organizing her underwear drawer — tissue boxes. (Empty ones.)

Socks in one, unmentionables in another, all those matching boxes with pretty patterns…

(Some tissue boxes are so gorgeous now, it takes me ages to pick one out, and how silly is that?)

Bee says she’s embarrassed about her organizing secret, but I can’t imagine why! It’s clever, frugal, efficient, eco-friendly, and a real time-saver when you’re rummaging around to get dressed in the morning. A great way to keep kids’ little clothing items in order, too.

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  1. Neena

    This is right up my alley! How creative, and inexpensive. And to think that I have spent money on ugly plastic baskets instead of these beauties.

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