handmade toile pin cushion The dog ate my pincushion. True story.

He’s fine (and the vet is richer by the price of three x-rays to prove that no pins were swallowed), no worries there…

But my vintage (Korean War era) Tokyo-made pincushion is now reduced to a small heap of sawdust and shreds of damp silk!

On the search for an equally special pincushion to take the old one’s place in my sewing box, I just now came across some handmade lovelies at Running Hare Art & Design.  This sheep motif pincushion, handstitched in calico, caught my eye for its totally charming toile de jouey sheep motif and tiny French button detail. Toile is hot right now, of course, but this has an even more lasting appeal in its unpretentious vintage style. I also enjoy it as a tongue-in-cheek nod to sewing as one of the domestic tasks that traditionally fell (and still do, most often) to the woman of the house. Pink is strong and proud!

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