A tired dog is a good dog, dog trainers will tell you. And many the owner of a high-energy puppy can agree that’s the truth!

bouncy-dna-dog-toys.jpg Not surprisingly, it is the smartest breeds of dogs who seem to need the most entertainment, to occupy their minds and keep them out of trouble — especially while their exhausted owners are trying to get a little quality time…

So your dog’s a total genius?

Give him the double helix.

Bouncy! Springy! Colourful rubber DNA shapes! These toys are sized right for the small and medium-sized dog at 4 1/2″ long, and  — according to Jeff, who gave one to J.R. his hyperactive Jack Russell terrier about six months ago — they’re delightfully durable, too.

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For $4.00 at the Small Dog Mall, this might very well be the perfect toy for the dog who can party like Einstein’s frat brothers.

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