Clearly, the Italian design firm Kartell has something special going on with see-through furniture — it keeps turning up in my favourite home decor sites, all sparkling and spooky.

Ferruccio Laviani table lamp from Kartell Just recently, Will of Furniture Fashion wrote about the disturbingly beautiful Kartell Louis Ghost chair, and he explains it all thus:

Kartell is probably the only company that has a specific division that researches raw materials like polypropylene, polystyrene and polyethylene for use in not only the world market, but their own dining chairs and other furniture lines.

The piece that caught my eye in Kartell’s current product line, however, is this baroque table lamp designed by Ferruccio Laviani.

Both ornate and streamlined, the Bourgie lamp is traditional in form but achingly modern in its execution, with all that poly-transparency to catch the light beams and sparkle like an earth-bound chandelier…

Sure, all this transparent furniture and accessories has a disorienting effect — it gives me a strange sense of double-vision, as if my depth perception is just a bit off — but yet, the attraction is there… I think I could even convince myself that it’s intensely practical, too. After all, the lamp can be assembled at any one of three different heights, then adjusted to another height later on if your lighting needs change… so… that’s very practical, right?

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