Frankly, I’m rather fond of bugs… most bugs. But I do draw the line at cosying up with a vicious wasp or bald-faced hornet, while those ugly fast-reproducing light-bulb-bumping houseflies can drive me right around the bend.

spider and wasp trapperEvery so often, too, one of my honeybees will hitch a ride into the house with me if I’m not careful. Then she’ll fly off my shoulder, find the nearest window, and drive herself into a frenzy trying to get out again — no way to catch her without squishing her — I don’t want to do that to one of my busy little honey producers!

This fall I ordered a darned clever spider and wasp trapper from Lee Valley Tools, “made in England by environmentally sensitive people.”

The gadget may look a bit silly, but it works like a charm to catch unwelcome insects, without risking a wasp sting on me or a nasty smear of squashed insect on my woodwork or wallpaper!

“No muss, no fuss, and no big welts,” as they say. No nasty chemicals, either! High recommended, and a real bargain at $6.50 US or $7.50 Canadian.

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