It used to be that an “outdoor room” meant nothing more than a semi-private garden area, perhaps with a lovely bench or two. These days, with the trend to blending indoors and outdoors, we’re seeing patio decor that’s almost as swank as the living room.

In a suburban setting, the outdoor room can work incredibly well for entertaining or just relaxing by barbecue and pool — but nothing sets my teeth on edge like seeing lovely patio furniture parked on a square of that Astroturf-type indoor-outdoor carpeting. You know, that obscene green stuff that tries to pretend (and fails hideously) to be grass?

Fortunately, the choices for outdoor “floor” coverings are much wider than they used to be! We have the recycling industry to thank for the greater range of all-weather carpets and rugs — and really, it’s quite remarkable what can be done these days with recycled plastic soft-drink bottles!

This Turkish-style reversible all-weather rug is a prime example of recycled plastic at its most beautiful and practical. Easy to clean with just a spray from the garden hose, it’s durable too. Best yet, the Thai workers who make these rugs are paid a fair-trade wage — and yet a 6×9 foot rug will set you back just $71 right now at Gaiam.

The aqua pattern would work particularly well on a poolside patio, with a bit of a tropical theme and clean-lined modern accessories, while the rust colour makes me think more of the last days of the Raj, all rattan furniture and fat leather hassocks. The blue one just hurts my eyes, however, so just as well that it’s out of stock right now.

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  1. lilamarie

    That red-burgandy rug looks more old fashion than I expect for something recycled of plastic sodabottles. It would look good at our cottage.

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