Window treatments can be a decorating challenge at the best of times, but even more so for apartment renters whose landlords won’t allow them to put holes in the window frames, needed to install the hardware for conventional curtain rods.

How many times have you wished for a twist and fit curtain rod?

No tools, no screws, no holes in the woodwork…

Oh, look, here it is!

As convenient as those pressure-fit tension rods that made it possible to put up shower curtains in odd-shaped rooms or under slanting ceilings… but oh! so much more attractive. Best yet, it’s affordable — less than ten dollars — and you can find it on practically every street corner (well, at Walmart, which is almost the same thing).

They make the twist and fit curtain rod in both classic black and a satin nickel finish, too — when in doubt, I’d go with the basic black. Low-cost hardware often looks better in a black finish, and it goes with just about everything.

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