ugly necklace Could a piece of jewelry get any less attractive?

That’s a real question. And it’s also the whole point of the Ugly Necklace Contest put on by Land of Odds, now in its 6th year.

I’m thinking, just off the top of my head, of a Cleopatra-inspired collar necklace of old stogie butts, balls of duct tape, and radium-orange plastic friendship beads, all strung on fishing line and ornamented with wisps of dog hair.

We’ve all had, er, disappointments in craft projects or artwork… right?

So why not turn failure to triumph (and a chance at a $992.93 shopping spree) by deliberately setting out to make the butt-ugliest necklace you can possibly imagine to create?

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Write a short poem about your ugly necklace, and send it with three good colour photos (or scans) of the finished piece to Land of Odds. Full contest rules are here, and you’ve got until 15 March 2008to enter.

Entries will be judged by a panel from The Center for Beadwork & Jewelry Arts, based on a really clever and complicated point system for “the hideousness of the necklace, its shape, color and use of materials, its functionality and wearability, how well the artist has shown an understanding of good design principles (and how to violate them) to achieve this Ugly end, and the quality of the accompanying poem.”

[via Lampwork Art]

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  1. domestika

    What can I say? I’ve really got to start getting out more…

  2. Jo Brooks

    I thought the chest hair was part of the overall.. erm… appeal (er… what’s the opposite of appeal?) of the piece.


    This contest really got to you, didn’t it, Jen? LOL.

  3. Claudia

    * squints * Ok…ok…I see it…I think…OMG! Is that a knee high stocking hanging from a meat hook??! MY EYES! OH god…………No! NO!

  4. domestika

    Okay, Claudia, try this… Just try squinting your eyes a little bit and pretending the chest is actually a photo that’s been printed on a large square of card.

    Are you with me so far?

    Okay, and now pretend that the photo-card is just another part of the necklace… the rest of the chain-and-beads keeps going up off the top of this pic — see? Like the whole thing is being worn by someone in a taupe sweater, tiny bits of which you can spot in the top corners. See it? Yes? No?

    Does that help to subdue your MUST WAX THIS urge at all?

    Because, you know, that hot wax can be really nasty stuff on your laptop ;)

  5. Claudia

    Am I the only one who can’t see past the chest and the overwhelming desire to wax it??! ;)

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