When I spotted this set of Elvis Presley Russian nesting dolls — you know, where you open the wooden doll shape to reveal a smaller one; open it and there’s a smaller one yet; and so on — it sparked all sorts of ideas!

Decoupage, my friends!

See, I knew you could get blank (unpainted) sets of Russian nesting dolls (Amazon’s got them), but I’ve always been a bit intimidated by the idea of trying to do a good enough painting job to justify the purchase. You know, the whole charm of the Russian dolls depends on the decoration…

Then I saw Elvis.

And after I finished laughing, this idea came along:

You could make your own Elvis set of nesting dolls by applying cut-out pictures of The King with decoupage glue onto the blank wooden dolls.

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Or, of course, you could make a set of dolls for whatever celebrity you have a not-so-secret passion for… or more than one. The members of AC/DC, maybe, or all the actors who have played James Bond?

Or never mind a celebrity — what about Russian nesting dolls to represent your own family?

Take photographs of the members of your family, and decoupage them onto nesting dolls in order of age and size. If you’ve got a small family and run out of people before you run out of dolls (I believe most sets have 5 figures), then make the smallest ones into your dog and cat — heck, do a favourite houseplant, for that matter! An awesome gift for a grandparent, don’t you think?

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  1. Diana Hueil

    Great Idea! I’ve always wanted to design a set but didn’t know how to w’out painting.

  2. domestika

    Anne, that’s a brilliant (if slightly creepy) idea! :)
    Melissa, if you do make a family set of nesting dolls — I want to see pictures!

  3. Melissa

    I love the idea of making nesting dolls of one’s family. May have to try this one day! My little nephew would love it! He plays with my Mom’s Santa nesting dolls and had fun with a little set I bought the other day!

  4. Anne Maybus

    Hm. They actually look a little like a collection of oddly shaped fingers there, don’t they? They wouldn’t have to be people. Painted nails and cocktail rings spring to mind……

  5. Becca

    I like. A lot. I’ll have to be on the lookout for a set of these to repaint.

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