Just when you thought it was all over, at last… the bacon obsession is back!
(You can blame Diane for this… again.)
bacon-scented bacon print tuxedo

High Society Bacon

Be the envy of some when you sport the original Uncle Oinker’s bacon-scented bacon print tuxedo ($99.95 at McPhee.com).

The bacon tuxedo is cunningly tailored from chemically treated latex print fabric to smell “just like bacon sizzling in the pan” and comes in four sizes.

Dry clean only, of course — heaven knows what this could do to your washing machine!

Archie McPhee’s your one-stop shop for bacon-related dental hygiene items, too, to make sure you’re ready for a big night out among the most snobby of carnivores. Grab bacon-flavoured toothpicks, mints (really?), and even dental floss with our fav smoked-pork-product flavor.

Too much?
Yeah, we thought so too.
Bacon Wins T-shirt

Understatement is everything in men’s fashion, after all, especially among the carnivore crowd.

Ditch the tux and instead flaunt a classic black T-shirt emblazoned with streaky-meat textured lettering on the chest.

The motto?

Bacon wins.”

As if there could be any doubt.

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