“More bacon insanity!” crows a recent note from the gadget-loving DJ.

Typically man-like, he claims to be pining for a Wake ‘n’ Bacon alarm clock.

Never mind a blaring buzzer in your sleepy ear, or even the questionably less-jarring sounds of morning radio, this wake-up call will cook your breakfast as it wafts you to wakefulness with the nose-tingling scent of bacon.

alfie lake design for scent cartridge alarm clockAnd for our vegetarian friends (or for dieters who try to limit the fat-laden temptations that begin the day), Jay Garrett has pointed out an Alfie Lake design that might fit the bill.

This concept for an alarm clock would let you pick which fragrance you’d like it to emit, and set a timer. Fall asleep to the sweet scent of lavendar, for example, and wake to home-baked bread. Sadly, it’s all cartridge-based; actual flowers and baked goods not included.

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  1. Corey Freeman

    I dunno how cognizant I am of smells when I’m asleep. I think the blaring noise suits me better. Whenever I wake up to the smell of bacon I never get downstairs fast enough to get some. :P

  2. Claudia

    Hmmmm…I think I could LOVE something like that!

  3. domestika

    My pleasure, Jay – you always find the very coolest gadgets. Speaking of which, I know someone who would be quite ridiculously enchanted with Darth Vader’s T.I.E. Cam.
    Okay, make that “several people” who would be quite enchanted… ;)

  4. Jay Garrett

    Thanks for the linkage :0)

    Much appreciated.


    ps – I also write a gadget of the week article for http://newslite.tv ;0,

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