water-powered digital alarm clock Imagine, never buy another battery for your alarm clock!

And never miss another vital early morning meeting because the power went off in the night and reset your plug-in clock-radio to that flashing 12:00 12:00 12:00…

This digital alarm clock runs on water!

You just fill up the two reservoirs, and the contact generates enough power to run the clock, and the alarm. The latest in ecological and environmental design, using dependable water powered technology — no need for batteries again!

How do they do that?
I definitely should’ve paid more attention in those high school science classes…

Very cool, this clock. Too cool to keep hidden away on the bedside table, in fact. I’d set this out on display among the decorative objets, just for a conversation piece!

It’s £10.99 (that’s about US$22) at Nigel’s Eco Store, which does ship to international customers.

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  1. domestika

    You’d almost think that if water could power a clock, it could be used to power other things that we’d normally use with batteries, eh?

  2. Anne

    How cool is that?

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