Truly, it puts a song in my heart to know that artists are still out there, in the business of breaking down our cultural boundaries, challenging the eye, and shaking up even our relationships with domestic rodents.

Psycho Girlfriend Design - Hamster Dress
Photo by Kevin Rolly

You thought the Hamster Shredder was a clever design?

Check out the Hamster Dress!

The designers have knocked my socks off with their bright bravura, combining a pet’s exercise system with wearable art — this, even though I came to it semi-prepared, by way of Kasey’s McMahon’s CompuBeaver, where taxidermy meets high tech

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Artists Vanessa Bonet and Kasey McMahon made their collaborative debut as Psycho Girlfriend in May 2005. They have combined their creative ideas into a unique medium that focuses on “wearable art” pieces made from unusual materials.

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  1. domestika

    Hi takinanap – welcome! You sound like an exceptionally fun person – and I notice you share my sock monkey obsession, too!

    If you like the Hamster Dress, check out Psycho Girlfriend’s Spork Skirt“Over 750 plastic sporks on monofilament attached to a hoop skirt with accompanying mouse head hat.” – for a casual summer outdoor wedding, maybe?!

  2. takinanap

    believe it or not, i could really wear something like this. why not? no one else would be wearing it. might be a little uncomfortable for sitting in church or a restaurant. and the boots…definitely a good match with the rest of the outfit.

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