corner of my yard in autumn
This past weekend was Thanksgiving, here in Canada, and I think I’ve figured out why we have our Thanksgiving so much earlier than the Americans do — it’s to take advantage of the fabulous Fall weather.

Around these parts, the colourful autumn leaves near at their best in the first week of October, and the apples are practically falling off the trees.

corner of my apple orchard
The weather is cool enough that you can cook up a big huge turkey dinner without overheating the kitchen to the detriment of the cook, and frosty nights make the ripe apples sweet… yet the sunny days are still warm enough for us to go out in shirtsleeves — on Saturday, the younguns were out in shorts and tee-shirts!

We get a lot of the seasonal yard work out of the way, on the weekends around Thanksgiving time, and entertain a lot of guests — sometimes both at the same time, as in the case of apple picking — and still (somehow) have enough energy left over to take the dogs for a hike in the autumn woods.

Here’s a little bit of show-and-tell (for Lara’sTalk About Tuesday to share the joy. No pictures of the big Thanksgiving turkey dinner, however — everyone was too busy eating to bother with a camera!

autumn colours 6 happy mutt autumn colours 5 cruising the hammock autumn colours 3 new england asters rose hips hungry dog autumn colours 4 autumn colours 2 tired greyhound apples on tree sleepy dog outdoors girls picking apples autumn colours 1 autumn colours 7 guests go home moggie the barn cat runs off into the sunset

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  1. Darcy

    Gorgeous scenery! Love the hammock photo. I hope to have one someday.

  2. Anne Maybus

    It looks idyllic! Those colours are stunning. The dog portraits are lovely too, especially of the happy brown fella! I am glad that your holiday was so wonderful.

  3. Last in Line

    oh that’s too weird!

    I was just posting my thoughts on Thanksgiving too (take a read if you can link to it). I met an American recently who said ours is Columbus day while theirs had something to do with Civil War… but your explanation is more poetic.

    Great photos too

  4. Karen

    These photos are incredible – can’t wait for fall to hit the midwest so we can enjoy all those gorgeous colors, too.

  5. Lazy Organizer

    It looks beautiful and sounds delightful. I’m all for moving up our Thanksgiving Day. The U.S. needs to learn a few things from Canada I’d say. You definitely have this holiday figured out. My family on my Dad’s side is all Canadian and when I was young I just could not figure out why you people didn’t celebrate Independence Day on the Fourth of July!

  6. Jen @ JenuineJen

    Beautiful pictures. I am looking forward to cooler weather her and the changing of the leaves’ colors. My husband and I always make a trip to the mountains to look at the beautiful foliage.

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