This wall-mounted lamp by Nonesiste, designed by Romolo Stanco and made in Italy, looks like a whole lot of fun… or at least, a real conversation-starter!

Turn it on — it rises up.

(Something to do with the electricity running through the “memory alloy” that it’s made of, but don’t ask me for scientific details.)

Turn it off — the lamp goes limp.

They call it the V/a.g.r.a.… of course!

[H/T to Furniture Fashion]

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  1. domestika

    Thanks so much for stopping by, metaDAD!

    Tetherball, huh? It just goes to show that V\agra lamp’s the kind of a lighting fixture that the immature male can fully appreciate… even if it’s to turn it into a piece of sports gear!

    (Is teatherball a sport, technically? The way I recall our lethal playground games being played, there should’ve been helmets and shoulder pads!)

    Nice to see you again! :) Jen

  2. metaDAD

    With two sons in my home this lamp would not be called V\agra, it would be called teatherball.

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