sign on flood roadSo, we’re watching the river rise in the St. John River valley… feeling grateful for living up on very high ground… and the radio says this could be the worst flood in 35 years. Everyone’s talking about The Big One back in 1973 and wondering what will happen overnight.

When Nature gets nasty, know what we do around here? We rush out and take pictures, of course. And gather at the Department of Highways barricades to chat with neighbours and feel sorry for our friends and family who built their homes on the flood plain. Maybe bring a thermos of coffee and the dog… All of which is to say, I’m planning to go out and do just that, right now — to return later with a few scenic shots (low light levels permitting) of the soon-to-be famous Flood of 2008. Meanwhile, CTV News is doing a pretty good job with the video coverage at

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