Do you know about It’s sort of a “digital magazine rack” serving up the “best of the best” news stories from across the Internet. Sounds impressive, no? All the cool kids hang out there — and now, it seems, you and I do too!

Through some lucky oversight (or perhaps a computer melt-down somewhere?), Domestik Goddess has been tucked cosily into the Alltop Frugality page along with all your favourite penny-pinchers — like Frugal Living and Uncommon Cents and Frugal Simplicity… well, you get the idea!

Fun With Frugality

This might be a good time for a quick word about what frugality is, as I see it:

Frugality is not about living mean and small. No, I love beautiful and foolish things as much as the next person (as regular readers will very well know!) and never could get my brain in gear for clipping coupons…

Frugality is about knowing the difference between want and need — and setting priorities for your life. It’s about “old-fashioned values” — if you’ll forgive a hackneyed phrase that only a politician can say with a straight face these days — and making the most of our own strengths and talents, lending a hand to neighbours, nesting at home, enjoying the moment, and recognizing that there’s more to a creative and fulfilling life than the figures on a paycheque.

We’re looking at some tough economic times ahead, folks, and really tough times for the environment, too. We can’t be out there frittering away our money and our resources like a sailor on shore leave. But that doesn’t mean your life has to be a grim and narrow round of drudgery — quite the opposite!

Frugality (actually, I prefer to think of it as being “thrifty,” it sounds so much softer) can be a lifestyle full of colour and creativity, if you put your imagination to work.

And that’s what Domestik Goddess is all about.

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