Do you remember, a few years back, when CD business cards were all the rage? Just like a regular business card, printed with the person’s name and address, etc., but with a hole in the middle. When you popped it in your PC, you got a slideshow or video to extoll the virtues of the employer corporation.

Other than the occasional handmade block-printed business card from an indie artist — I’ve collected very few imaginative business cards since then…

You know, a card that won’t get tossed in the trash 10 minutes after it’s handed over. A card that is likely to be noticed and kept on a desktop, shown off as a conversation piece!

Way far out on the outer reaches of business card design, however, there’s a glimmer of hope in these two highly original designs. (I have Anne Maybus to thank for pointing these out to me.)

The first might very well be the ultimate “green” business card — made to grow a lush little crop of alfalfa when you dip it in water. “The logo was also cut into a ‘seed stencil’ that allowed the logo to be grown on either earth or lawn; on uncut grass, the message would remain hidden until the area was mown.” It’s designed by Jamie Wieck for, appropriately enough, Another Bloomin’ Designer.

Or what about a lock pick business card fitted cleverly with everything you need to be the next Houdini? (Jeni Mattson designed it, we understand.)

This super-cool card is definitely a keeper for any gadget fan, but especially valuable if you’re in the habit of locking yourself out from time to time!

If neither of those show-stopping cards is quite your thing, Anne has tracked down a motherlode of other unique business cards and shares her finds on The Tall Poppy today — inspiring stuff when you’re looking for business card ideas.

My own little rectangles of printed card are looking just so very dull by comparison… heck, even I would toss them in the wastebasket on my way out the door!

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