Wild Horses is “an extraordinary wall sculpture in which the forms seem to explode toward the viewer,” one of the imaginative yet practical iron works by Marco Polo found at Novica.

The shapes are cut freehand, and we give them form and texture with a hammer and other tools that I’ve made myself to create capricious designs. I apply an oxidized finish and protect each piece with a coat of lacquer. In this way, a piece of metal is transformed into a decorative accessory – sometimes rustic, other times modern. All my designs are crafted in my own workshop. They arise from my imagination, from dreams, or whatever comes to mind as I begin to work with the metal.

Marco Polo Serrano grew up in a small village of artisans and began his apprenticeship in metals at the age of 13 years when he took a job in a workshop that made artistic ironwork, to subsidize his education. Now he creates his astonishing works of metal sculpture at his own atelier in Tonalá, Mexico.

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