recycled aluminum wall clocks

Yes, those clocks are one of a kind! That’s the beauty of handcrafted treasures that are magicked from mere trash…

Barak Barnoy’s stylish and eco-friendly wall clocks made of recycled aluminum come from Israel by way of the same fine folks whose African township-crafted recycled plastic bag roosters (you may remember) stole our hearts a few months back…

Wow! Imports buys only from the most ethical third world companies… because everyone deserves to be treated fairly, earn a livable wage and work reasonable hours, while working in a safe and pleasant environment.

Ron Askotzky, the artistic type who co-founded this family business with his brother Steve and wife Lisa, tells me they’re restocking even as we speak — and will be up to full inventory in the next two weeks, with lots more new fair-trade African beaded-wire animals and Christmas goodies.

Ron’s offering a 10% discount to Domestik Goddess readers throughout the Wow! Imports online store — and that’s in addition to free US shipping on purchases over $50.

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Third world countries are plagued by high unemployment, poor education and diseases such as AIDS, so the crafters who produce our products benefit enormously from your patronage. You could send charity to a third world country, but providing someone with a job is even greater. As opposed to receiving a handout, having a job provides an individual with an invaluable sense of personal pride.

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