Many dog owners prefer to give a dog his food and water in a raised bowl (and I’m one of them) because it may help to prevent bloat in those deep-chested dog breeds who are at higher risk of developing Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus (GDV).  So when a raised feeding station can improve a dog’s digestion and look pretty too… that’s just a bonus. 

Practical and elegant, the Classic Diner dog food stations from QT Dog are made from hand-forged iron and powder-coated in a choice of durable finishes to suit Fido’s personal style: black, hammered silver, or the very trendy hammered copper.  The curly effect in the wrought iron detail would make these a great fit for a traditional kitchen or mudroom decor.  (But let’s be frank, doesn’t it remind you just a bit of the decorations on the screen porch door at Grandma’s house, when you were a kid?)

Alternately, for those who prefer a less ornate design, I like the Wrought Iron Modern Double Dog Diner Stand from Platinum Pets for sale on Amazon. It’s equally attractive, but modern and understated.

wrought iron stand and raised dog bowls

With those long slim legs and double-barred frame to hold double dog bowls, side by side, it’s subtle and practical. Powder-coated in an equally subtle and practical black (matte, not shiny) with non-slip tips on the feet – the designers were really thinking smart on this one!  It even comes with the two midnight-black enamel-coated stainless steel dog bowls included.

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Now, those are just two examples – obviously, you’ll find a lot of different designs of doggie diners in wrought iron, if you poke around a bit in different stores online and wherever you happen to live.  If you know a skilled metal worker, you might even prevail on him to make you a custom dog food bowl stand to your own specs… if you’re lucky! The point is, wrought iron is strong, versatile, classic and classy. And no matter what your decorating style may be, from cosy cabin country to hip modern-urban and anywhere in between, there’s a piece of wrought iron to fit.

Bone appetit, Bowser!


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