We’ve all seen some staggeringly ugly mailboxes in our time, have we not? But it takes a dedicated mailbox critic like Linda F. to get right down to collecting them on a purpose-built blog.

Joel Haas Dragon Mailbox

This is the one mailbox in her collection-to-date that really can’t properly be described as ugly — it’s definitely more in the line of unusual funky folk art. In fact, the dragon mailbox is a Joel Haas original, and we should all be so lucky as to have one.

Makes you wonder what all the owners of golf-ball-shaped mailboxes and football-helmets-on-posts were thinking, when they looked at the basic store-bought rural mailbox and said, “Hey, I could do something with that!” Never mind the anatomically correct mermaid, from which the Post Office made the owner remove certain body parts…

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  1. Claudia

    Ours is a black and orange flame concoction we bought at the NEME (New England Motorcycle Expo) last year and painted by an artist who usually reserves his art for the tanks of bikes. Who could resist? It goes SUPER well with the pink trim of my home. ;)

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