I remember learning to make pom-poms with my best craft-buddy, Diane, when we were both about eight years old — it’s fun for kids, and it’s easy to do!

All you need is some yarn and a piece of cardboard about 4 inches long and as wide as you want your pom-pom to be — about 4 x 1½ inches is a useful size for most purposes, I’ve found.


Using a double strand of one color, or holding together two strands in two different colors for a two-tone pom-pom, wrap the yarn around the short side of the cardboard. (The more times you wrap the yarn around the cardboard, the fatter the pom-pom will be, so experiment to see how full you’d like it to be.)

To form the pom-pom, slide a doubled-up length of yard between the cardboard and the wrapped yarn, at the center point. Tie a tight knot around the wrapped yarn, remove the cardboard, and cut through the loops of yarn. Fluff it up, then trim off any loose ends if necessary.

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Here’s an Idea!

To make a school-bag easy to find in a pile of similar bags, the Lion Brand® yarn people, in their By Kids, For Kids newsletter, suggest tying on a pom-pom. Such a simple, practical idea — like putting a colorful flag on the antenna of your car, so you can spot it in a parking lot!

For more yarn-using ideas, check out Lion Brand®’s free patterns for knitting, crochet, and craft projects. It’s well worth registering on the site to get access to the free pattern section and newsletters.

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