Sometimes furniture is for sitting on and dining at. Sometimes it’s for bending the rules and challenging our imagination. Barcelona-born, now London-based, designer Jordi Canudas does both, with great originality.

Jordi Canudas wall seatingBehind the Wall — what you might get if you could cross a condom with one of those two-sided kissing chairs that the Victorians found so amusing — is part sofa, part room divider, entirely intriguing…

It offers a comfortable sitting area that becomes playful when users interact from both sides of the wall. Movement, sound and touch hint at what might be happening on the other side.

It’s an eye-catching piece, but do scroll on down the page of Jordi Canudas’ design projects and take a look at his experiential lighting pieces, too.

Jordi Canudas dripping light Jordi Canudas less lightOne lamp/installation piece is slowly, almost imperceptibly, brought to darkness with tiny drips of black paint… Conversely, another lamp is encased in a eggshell of sorts, “a sealed lamp shade that needs to be broken in order to release the light trapped within.”

[h/t to Blue Ant Studio for spotting Behind the Wall]


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  1. domestika

    You’re a funny, funny woman, Stacey — legwarmers!! It’s a crying shame about that bear and the hole in your house… but at least now you’ve got an amusing animal tale that doesn’t involve the ongoing battle against raccoons!

  2. stacey

    What kind of self-respecting wall/chair would deck out in spandex but forego striped legwarmers? This is post-1985, people. We know half dressed when we sit on it.

    (I’m just joshing. The whole concept is kinda nifty.)

    Thanks for your comments. I’m sitting here clutching my fuzzy moose on high alert for our new buddy, the bear. Can I just mention we live in New Jersey? And not in the garden state part. So sad somebody built a McMansion on top of the bear’s old house and now it has no where to go except my tiny backyard.

    Animal control is let’s just say not super interested because no one has actually SEEN the bear and they have larger priority bears to fry elsewhere.

    I called an exterminator, but apparently, bears don’t count as “pests.” I also learned exterminators are not much for catch and release. Who knew?

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